Sunday, December 11, 2005

For a few years there, I didn't. After my children moved out and the drunk was gone, after my parents passed away, Christmas was pretty much reduced to an expense once a year, and myself reduced to an object of pity among my friends who still had family celebrations.

Then came grandchildren.

This will be my third year visiting Houston for Christmas. It's not a Christmas-y city. It's big and sprawled out, way too busy, unattractive, undecorated, un-, un-, un-... but I have grandchildren there, and what a joy Houston is with grandchildren! Two years ago I watched two little gigglers throw tree ornaments at each other. My son, in his dad-wisdom, had found unbreakable, colorful ball ornaments for the tree. And those two gentle little lambs, in an aberrant moment (that never ended), thought they were the best part of Christmas.

That year we made gingerbread men. When I tried to explain to the 2-y-o that she needed to "press down" with the cookie cutter, she, always obedient, got down off the stool. I couldn't persuade her to come back and finish helping. The 5-y-o kept up a steady stream of commentary; I didn't follow any of it. I never have.

Last year we made a gingerbread house from a kit. Those kits are great fun. After dad constructed the house itself, the kids added the frosting and candy decor. The 3-y-o sat in the middle of the table. The 6-y-o kept up a steady stream of commentary. Both of them were so excited they could hardly handle it.

I wonder what we'll do this year? Today I went to the U-Cut tree farm with DD and her family, which includes her hubby and a 22-m-o. The little guy was beside himself. He didn't know whether to run or hop, an


Steve said...

I can see a good portion of this post, but it looks as though it's a sample on the dust cover. Neat story, and I share your sentiments on Christmas spirit in Houston. It just isn't a very Christmasy city. I'm going to be trying to find a job in Cleveland. After all, it there's any town that screams Christmas, it's Cleveland!

Kirsten said...

Maybe the holiday spirit is just melted out of us the rest of the year.