Saturday, December 17, 2005

Maybe it's just too technical for me.

I try. Heaven knows, I really try; but I can't figure out this blogging stuff. I was re-reading my post about the tree farm, and it ended in mid-sentence. I can't find the rest of it. Does the Blog-Fairy have any idea how frustrating this is? Or is there a Blog-Leprechaun playing tricks on me?

Technology reduces me to feelings of self-doubt. In fact, when we first were given Mac computers at school, many years ago, they were so wonderfully intuitively designed that I became one of the people in the building that others came to for help. No problem, I can fix that. But I guess Bill Gates couldn't have that, and now we have things that aren't words telling me to do things that aren't verbs, or accusing me of errors when all I did was sit here, mystified. Things happen on my screen that defy description. AND I have been accused of spamming. How did I do that? (well, turns out that wasn't me)

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