Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My Street is a Crime Scene

My street is a crime scene this morning.

I heard a >pop!<>Then I went to bed. About 1:20 this morning I woke to a pounding on my front door - a SWAT team member stood there, complete with helmet, rifle... and told me to get dressed, I had to evacuate.

Several of my neighbors and I were herded across the street, through Daisy's backyard, around to the front of her house. We stood there for what felt like several hours (probably 10 minutes) until we were led down the main road to a waiting transit bus. For the next 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 hours we sat on the bus, warm and safe, and sharing what bits of information we knew, making up things to fill in the gaps.

So... my street is a crime scene. When, at last, we were allowed home, we had to walk single file and follow an officer through the evidence markers that dotted the width of the street. The man who was shot died on the way to the hospital. The woman who shot him was barricaded in her home; there was some concern about a possible hostage.

They've told us we will not be allowed to drive out of our cul-de-sac. If we want to leave, it must be on foot. I just called our secretary to have her put me in for a personal day - I can't get to work without my car. The officer I asked told me it could be noon before they are done processing the scene.

We lived in that house for five or six years, until I bought this home. This is a quiet, peaceful, street, populated mostly by retirees (mostly military), people who have lived here 30 years or more. There is only one way in, and the same way takes us back out. This feels so unreal. I even saw my short, round self on the news... but I think I'll go to bed and finish processing all of this later.


Cassie said...

YaYa, you forgot to mention that the woman runs or at least she used to run a daycare in the home. I remember you telling me you wouldn't want your children/grandchildren to be watched by her. I always wondered if the daycare was licensed. That was a nice little house. I liked living there. It's a shame that that woman moved in and ruined it.

Kirsten said...

How frightening! Glad to hear that you are OK.