Sunday, February 19, 2006

So what's your point?

I have been catching up on my favorite blogs. My DS, his DW, and my DD, all publish blogs, and I enjoy them. Especially DS' -- it's usually the best source of information on his family. He calls at least once a week (he is a good son), but he doesn't always tell me much. I think he likes to practice his arguments on me. DS could argue a fly into suicide; he simply loves to argue. He doesnt care which side he argues, either. An argument for the sake of arguing, that's my boy. In fact, I can remember one day about 28 years ago when I stopped what I was doing and asked myself, "Why am I standing here arguing with a 3-year-old? I'm the Parent." Me? I don't argue. That is, if I am completely, absolutely certain of my position and think I can defend it, I might argue, but if I can't persuade you to my point, I quit. Frankly, I usually know when I'm right, and if others can't see that, well, I guess they aren't as smart as I am. (tongue firmly in cheek) Ok, now what I want to know is: how do I make paragraphs in my post? I think I'll ask DDIL. I think her posts have paragraphs. I love writing, you know. I write poetry and some occasional short stories, and have begun a number of novels. And the former English teacher in me also loves the mechanical conventions of writing. An acquaintance of mine who writes uses no punctuation. I told her I wouldn't read her work again until she punctuated it (really, it's impossible to follow). Her answer to that was, "When I get published I'll have an editor who will do that for me." No point in arguing with her. She'll never get published because no one can read her work.

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Cassie said...

Arguing with a 3yr old? Is that better or worse than arguing with a 2yr old?