Thursday, March 2, 2006

A little closure

A week ago I was still rattled by the homicide down the street. came a little closer to closing that episode. Associated Ministries conducted a Moment of Blessing. This is a short, powerful ceremony conducted by pastors and lay people and can include anyone who is interested. Today's blessing was attended by several of us who spent the night on the bus together last week, neighbors. It is a ceremony of prayer and blessing to reclaim the area, the neighborhood, from the violence that profaned it. Several friends from my church joined me and my DD.

That very same house had been Home to me and my children for a few years. For me it had been a safe place, a haven, and I felt almost violated by the killing. Tonight I feel like I have some closure. It will never be "over." A murder can't just go away. His fiance, his children, may never completely recover. My heart grieves for what his family is suffering because of the decision one woman made in a moment of anger and drunkenness. She can't ever take it back. There is no way to undo a murder. Yet it feels like my little neighborhood has been washed clean. The police hosed the blood off the street when they finished processing the scene last week. Now our neighborhood is clean again.

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