Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Red Tricycle, cont.

...and it continues. The red trike went down for a nap with him today. I've known men who wished they could take their new cars, motorcycles, RVs, to bed with them. The little guy has it next to his bed - mama said she had to draw the line somewhere, but also thanked me for giving her a new weapon in the war of diaper changing. While we talked on the phone this morning, he turned the trike upside down and said he "needa fixit." Which he did with daddy's tire gauge. Daddy is his hero, and he imitates everything daddy does. He hasn't picked up the language yet, and I can hope he won't, but judging by what I hear at work, it's only a matter of time. When did parents stop caring what their children hear? My son in law is a good guy who puts his family above everything else. He has a great sense of humor that fits well with DD's. When the newborn little guy was allowed to go home from hospital, but the new mama wasn't, the son in law wouldn't have any part of me looking after the baby; he was the daddy, and he would do it. And he does. If the little guy needs a good model, he has one. He will learn good values imitating his daddy (and perhaps some exciting language!).

Little Red Trike

Men and wheels. It's uncanny how that affinity develops. It almost seems to be intrinsic to the male gene. Shopping today with DD and my little guy, who is 27 months. The first thing he spied was a small, 12" two-wheeler hanging from a frame with a lot of other bikes. "Mine!" he shrieked. But a few minutes later he spotted the little red tricycle. It is a RadioFlyer, and really just a generic tricycle. He climbed on and scooted himself around the store. I tried to show him how to peddle, but he was absolutely in heaven just pushing with his feet. When he finally got off and another little child got on and rode the trike away, DD said he looked like his heart was broken. He went around the corner and found another one, identical, grabbed the handle and wheeled it around with him. He did not let go. He dragged that trike everywhere. I watched him toddling down the aisle, hand on the handlebar, tricycle rolling along beside him. Well, what choice did I have? It rode beside him all the way home, and though he was sound asleep by then, I think he knew it was there. DD said he played with it in the house this afternoon. It kind of reminds me of his Uncle's excitement when he got to drive his dad's shiny red mustang to prom... men and wheels.