Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Personal Day

Today I took the day off and spent it with Jack. I can hardly wait to go back to work tomorrow and rest up. Keeping up with a toddler is meant for young people. He is cutting his molars, and there were moments during the day when he was slightly less than charming. We watched VeggieTales - or, we watched the Snoodle come and go on the menu page for a while. "There it is!" "Where he go?" "Nother one!" "Where he go?" "There he is!" Fifteen minutes of this can feel like half a day. We spent a good part of the morning on the floor in the bedroom, digging through the toys; I was compulsively attempting to put all the pieces together that belonged together, while Jack compulsively grabbed and scattered everything. At some point I realized we were working at cross purposes, and began tossing toys back into the box. He really loved that! Permission to throw! So we put on shoes and socks and went outside. The driveway is on a slope, and he had a great time on his ride-toy, rolling down the slope backwards. When "Da Boys" came out, they all did it. Da Boys are twins, age 2, who moved into the house across from Jack. The 3 of them had a wonderful time. No bickering, no trouble, just chasing each other and yelling. I understand the next unit is going to have another 2-yr-old boy. What a little gang that will be.

Now I really must go write out my bills and get them in the mail. Another late credit card payment...


Seeker said...

Two-year-old boys. A gang of 'em! What fun. I think some parents are in for guard duty, big time.

Hannelie said...

Gramma, that sounds so lovely and fun.
Mind you Liam is at the age as well where I built a Lego tower and he destroys it, non stop.
The gang sounds so cool! Just this morning I said to hubby I wish we had a little friend in the street he can 'social' with.
That sounded so funny, doing to work to rest!