Sunday, May 14, 2006

Thoughts on a Sunday

My blog will be a lot more interesting when I learn to post photos on it. I'm disappointed that I did it wrong yesterday, and the pictures didn't upload. My son tried to tell me how... and I had to stop him because I only speak English, and don't always understand that, let alone whatever language he was speaking. Today was a lazy day. I sat on the couch, read until I fell asleep, woke up and cross stitched, fell asleep, did a load of laundry... made up for what was a long week with hard challenges. We have about 20 days of school left. My principal at one school wants to make me full time in her building, but so far the budget restrictions and the district won't let that happen. I have a BA in English and Education, and an MEd (Master's in Education), but am not "highly qualified" to teach a reading group, which would provide the money to bring me on full time. I have taught reading, and I have 19 years of experience as a teacher and elementary school counselor. I find it outrageous. Maybe I need to write to my state rep...couldn't hurt, could it? By golly, I think I may have done the picture!


Michelle said...

Hi Gramma! Hope you had a super Mothers Day :o)

Seeker said...

So, do you need a special certificate to teach reading these days? That sounds strange to me, or absurd, considering your credentials. I say, go for it. Take it to the top.

And I'm glad you got to do some restful stuff on Mother's Day.

Now that's a really dressy table!
I especially like the ORANGE chairs.
tee hee

Steve said...


If you want to teach reading, I could send you some children that could use some tutoring for, say, 8 weeks this summer...