Sunday, June 11, 2006

The End Is Near

By that I mean the end of school. Students are finished at noon on Thursday. Staff must do a Learning Improvement Day on Friday. Learning Improvement Days (LID) are designed by the school district to teach us to be better teachers...regardless of the fact that the state trusts us enough to give us teaching certificates when we are fully qualified. But I digress.

I had a chance to talk to my Texas Grands today. The three conversations went something like this:

the Girl: Hi Gramma
me: Hi baby!
girl: babbledabbledibbleswabble gramma flubblerhubarbblibber two gribblejibberjaber gramma mary swibbledeflibby bye!
me: Bye, honey. I love you!

the Big Boy: Hi Gramma
me: Hi sweetheart. How are you?
Big Boy: what?
me: How are you?
Big Boy: what?
me: what did you do yesterday?
Big Boy: huh?
me: what did you do yesterday?
Big Boy: oh, we went to the...
me: to the high school? (I had already read his dad's post about this)
Big Boy: yeah! We got wet!
me: did you have fun?
Big Boy: what?
me: did you have fun?
BB: huh?
me: are you listening to me?
BB: huh?
me: I'm having a conversation with you, but I don't think you are listening.
BB: what?
me: Are you listening when I talk?
BB: huh?
me: give the phone to daddy, honey.

(dad: say hello)
Little Boy: HALLO!!!!
me: Hi honey!
(dad: tell gramma something)
Little Boy: ...
me: Hi baby.
(dad: tell gramma about playing in the sprinkler)
Little Boy: ...
me: did you play in the sprinkler?
Little Boy: ...
(dad: say bye bye)
Little Boy: BYE BYE!!!!!
me: bye honey.

So, I had a chance to talk to all three of them. They are so precious, and quite gifted. On the other hand, when DD asks Jack if he wants to talk to Yaya, he says "no." As Seeker commented recently, we are building memories. And I did get my laundry done today. I hope to vacuum before the summer ends.


Hannelie said...

How sweet, thanks for sharing. I am glad it's not just me who get all goose bumpy and think Aaaahhhhh!! Aren't they just so sweet kiddies.
Our teachers do PD days - Proffesional Development, I suppose it's to keep up with latest research and stuff, so school ends sometimes a day earlier or starts a day later.

Seeker said...

Hahahahaha. I just love those conversations. We still need a translator most of the time on the phone, but not in person.
If ya gotta use a cleaning utensil this summer, just sweep the patio around the sandbox. That's all I do. Oh, and I spray the outsides of the windows when I'm watering the garden, or playing in the sprinkler....
Vacuuming? Wait until September.
hee hee