Saturday, June 24, 2006


Ok, Hannelie sent me directions a chimp could follow, and when I finished editing my links, they were gone, and so were/are my previous posts. I am not touching it again. No. I will not destroy my little blog any further.

What a lazy day. I read and dozed all morning. Finally stirred myself enough to get dressed about 3pm, and have been hard at it ever since. Well...for me, that is. I am very overweight. I'm fat. By choice, I guess, since I am the person who controls my exercise and food intake. So three months ago I made a committment to change my eating habits, and I have lost six pounds. I know, big whoop. But my doctor was pleased, and I am delighted. Yes, I'd love to be instantly thin, but thin and me is never going to happen, and that isn't my goal. Healthy is my goal. Living to watch my grands grow up is my goal. So it took three months to lose six pounds. I'm doing something right. After all, It took thirty years to gain 100 pounds. Oooh...let me think...if three months equals six pounds, then 100 pounds should take...seventeen months? is that right?

So, as I was saying, I really worked today. I cleaned out two dog kennels. I haven't had a dog since January. When I gave up my little Phoebe, I hauled the kennels out to the deck and left them. Today they are sparkling and ready for someone to use. I cleaned my little guy's high chair. He outgrew it a year ago. I found oyster crackers under the pad. The high chair has been on the deck for months. I cleaned the deck furniture, empty window boxes, tossed out dead hanging plant skeletons, cardboard boxes, styrofoam packing might get the idea my deck has been a catchall. Walking is hard on me because my back hurts so much. My back hurts because I have arthritis. And I am 100 pounds overweight. I have to sit down a lot while I'm doing things. So working hard, for me, means doing something, rest, doing something more, rest, etc. It took about five hours to get it all down. When I finished, I hauled my little guy's walker-thingy out to the van so I can give it to DD's neighbor with the six week old baby. He's a little young for it...

Then I sat in the wicker rocker and I rocked. I watched the trees. I talked to the cat. I thought about a shower. I rocked. I rocked and let my mind drift... and I thought about how good it felt to get the deck cleaned up and relax, and how much I would like to sit out there with my stitching or a good book. What a nice day this has been.


Hannelie said...

Gramma, I'm sorry to hear that happened! Atleast you didn't loose your archives as well.
Your day sounds lovely, I have clean up days quite regularly and are amazed that I still have junk!
I started a Healthy Eating Healthy Living from beginning of May and I take every day by it's own and try to make that day a success and like you just try and be more active and healthy, no diets! The weight will drop off by it self, well done on the one's already lost. Good luck with the walking, what about swimming?

Seeker said...

Well, thanks for the thought, anyway. It's an honor you thought about adding me as a link.
Just don't quit blogging. I enjoy reading here.