Monday, June 26, 2006

Yaya, take off shirt. Get in, Yaya.

A couple of years ago I bought an EasySet Pool. It wasn't so easy. Last year I gave it to DD and her hubby. They set it up, and played in it most of the summer. It's about 4'x15', roughly. Big enough for several people to mess around and get wet and cool off. So I stopped over there today after my class. Their neices are visiting, and they all decided to get wet. Jack told me to take off my shirt and get it (hence the title). I opted out...for a while. Finally, it just looked too good, so I just got in. What the heck, after such a hot, sweaty day, all my clothes needed laundering anyway, so I might as well get them wet.

It was fun! And it felt so good! Our temps are in the 90s this week. Although my class was in an air-conditioned building, and the car is air-conditioned, it was a long, long day, and the water helped ease off some stress. Today's class was on how the brain works. Guess what? The brain is a miracle! I really enjoyed the class today; the teacher was excellent, the class members all teachers. They served a continental breakfast and tacos for lunch, ice cream in the afternoon break, and had bottles of water on ice all day. If I have to spend a week in class, this is sure the way to do it. I can't quite figure out if the class is being offered by the union (WA Education Assn) or the Educational Service District (it's in the union headquarters building), but it doesn't matter. It's being paid for by my local, and it is very very good. I'm even looking forward to tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow. our new pastor arrives tomorrow late afternoon/early evening. I should just get back from the class and have to head over to the parsonage to help unload their u-haul. Her husband is also a pastor, assigned to a nearby church, and we have a brand new parsonage, less than a year old, for them to live in. A lot of United Methodist churches are getting away from parsonages. Anyway, a small crew from both churches will be on hand to unload and move them in, and we have our first administrative meeting with Pastor Bonnie Wed night.

The next couple of days will be a little busy, as my class is 9-4 and is about 30 miles away. Traffic wasn't bad at all today. It was slow all the way home, but it moved steadily. I got directions from Mapquest to get up there this morning, and they had it all messed up. By 8:30 I was at the Chamber of Commerce in the small city, and it was another 45 minutes of driving all over bleeping Weyerhauser (the lumber people), trying to find this place. I wasn't the only one. And what really ticks me off is that the freeway goes within 1/2 mile of the place, and Mapquest had me driving all over the state of Washington...

On Sunday, the 2nd, I will be in tropical Houston, TX, delighting in my three precious grands. I can hardly wait. Maybe when I get back I will have some good stories to tell. For tonight, though, I'm signing off. Later, gator.


Seeker said...

Next time try

Not that Google is perfect, either.... but it gives another perspective.

Enjoy your meetings!

Hannelie said...

"Oh where are thou my fair lady??" LOL
Hope all is well and you are enjoying the holidays.