Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Birthing a Quilt

I had done a post to go along with the photo under "A Quilt is Born" but it seems to be missing...although the photo remains. This is my first-ever quilt, something I have wanted to do for many years. Last week the time seemed right, so I called my work friend, Sonja. Sonja creates the most beautifully exquisite quilts I ever have seen. We went shopping on Wednesday, and $70 later, I had a stack of fabric in beautiful colors of purple, blue, pink, yellow, green.

Per Sonja's instructions, I took everything home and washed it all. I hated putting that pretty fabric in the washer! But I do follow directions, and did as told. On Thursday I packed it all up, along with the sewing machine, and hauled it al over to Sonja's house. I learned to use the rotary cutter (slick!)and how to iron the seams in one directionk and to sew strips together and then cut them to make patches. Sonja says this quilt is a '9-patch.' That means I put 9 squares together to make one larger square. We finished 9 squares that afternoon, and I haven't touched it since. Maybe this afternoon, if I can get past this vague dizziness that is affecting me. For now, though, I think I'll head back to the couch.

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Hannelie said...

I've never done one, always wanted to as well but don't know how too, I will follow your post with more eagerness now to learn.
Cold and rainy in Perth, we need more rain and are way behind in average.
Looking forward to some warmer weather!