Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Jiggedy Jig...

What a great trip I had! Left Tacoma-Seattle in the wee hours of the morning, July 2, for Houston, Bush International Airport. Why would anyone go to Houston in July you ask? Only a fish would willingly visit a place where the air is so humid you have to wade through it. A fish, or a gramma with three little grands to visit. (I'm the gramma, not the fish.)

I deplaned about 6:30 am, then began the long trek to baggage claim. After about a 3-mile walk, I sat down to watch the carousel disgorge its lumps of luggage-like matter. Suddenly, behind me, I heard shrieking and shouts of "Gramma!" My son and his two oldest (ages 31, 7, and 4) were there to greet me - and they already had my bag. Seems I was at the wrong carousel, and my bag has bright yellow footprint stickers on it to enable it to be spotted in a sea of black luggage, so they were already way ahead of me...and I never caught up for the rest of my visit.

It was nine wonderful days of Gramma watch me, Gramma wanna play uno, gramma I'm hungry, Gramma are you was, in short, the best nine days a gramma could spend. The littlest one, so cute, and with eyes that take up half his little face, even decided (about day 8) that I wasn't so bad: "Gramma cookie...cookie JAR!" he sang. Who me? Couldn't be... but still he cried when I held him. Next visit should be the magic one, when he accepts gramma.

I can't imagine that DS and his beautiful wife get through any day without laughing themselves silly. The children are so funny! The oldest spends most of his time not doing whatever he is told/asked to do. (I can't clean my room, mom told me to put my books away; I'm busy not doing that right now.) The middle one is driven by her need to do everything her big brother does. Competitive is not her middle name, but it could be. And the baby is always a few steps behind the others, but never far away. Except when he got mad at me and put himself down for a nap. It began to be consistent that I would find him back in his crib, sound asleep, when he disappeared. My son began to ask me to 'watch' the kids, rather than to babysit, if he had to be gone. Mostly because what I mostly did was watch the kids tear around, get into things, destroy the living room... you get the picture, I'm sure. It isn't that I meant to not take care of them, but I did get distracted sometimes. Anyway, they were still alive when I left, in spite of how hard they tried to kill each other off...

And so, I arrived home in the wee hours of the morning, July 11, DS' 32nd birthday. How lonely it feels here. Home again, home again, jiggedy jog.


Hannelie said...

Glad to see you are back and hear all the wonderfull tales you tell.
You must've had a great time, I can tell in your writting.
My mum use to joke and said she'll do anything for the grand kids but we can sort out our own troubles :)

Stevo, happy birthday yo, you didn't tell us, all the best and many happy years to you via Gramma's blog!

Seeker said...

But I know what you mean. Isn't it just the BEST being with those little ones?!
I always feel a bit lonely after a few days of non-stop activity. Now you can bask in the glow for a while and dream about the next visit.
Thanks for sharing., back to reality.

Gangadhar said...

My kid needs a granie right now..
btw welcome to Dexterous Doings...Good to see you on moi blog...
keep visiting
take care