Sunday, July 30, 2006

Making Progress

I worked on the quilt last night until Cassie called from their camping trip on the Eastern side of the state. I talked to Jack, who did not want to give up the phone, and who wanted to "go Yaya's house." They'll be back today, and their dogs will go home. I miss Jack now, and I will miss the dogs when they leave. They don't say much, but they are a lot of company. Francesca, the mini doxie, raised Grace, the big hound-rott mix. Grace tries really hard to be a lap dog, like Francesca, but somehow it just doesn't work.

Anyway, one of the photos is me, holding up my first quilt square on the day Sonja was teaching me and getting me started. The second photo shows the layout I tried yesterday. The green background will be the color that joins the squares, and the photo shows all the completed squares to date. I prepared 12 more squares for sewing. Maybe I'll work on them today.

Later, I browsed a lot of quilting sites online. There are thousands of free quilt patterns out there. (Also thousands of free knitting, crocheting, cross stitch, etc patterns. Just type "free-whatever" in your search.) I began to get a headache, looking at so many. For now I will focus on my little 9-patch. I finally understand Aunt Helen's quilt frame, though. The completed quilt would be stretched on the frame, horizontally. All the ladies at the quilting bee would sit around the four sides and handquilt a pattern of stitches into the quilt, joining the quilt top, batting, and backing. Now Sonja does that with a computerized card in her sewing machine. I wonder if the quilting bee ladies would think it magic? In a way, it is.


Seeker said...

You are really going to town on this quilt! And with the computerized quilting it should be finished in no time.
I just finished Luke's quilt and he took it home today. I hand-quilted it, but only did straight line every 4 inches, so it didn't take too long.
Happy quilting!

Von said...

Hi! Thanks for leaving a message on my blog this morning. :D
There are a couple of other stitching bloggers that I know in Wash. St. One is at and the other is

There may be more that I don't know of at this time. Enjoyed reading about your quilting and grandkids - I have two wonderful grandsons of my own. :D

Seeker said...

The only picture I took of Luke's quilt is the one I posted. I'll have my daughter take a picture of it spread out.
I checked von's links. Interesting. Thanks for sharing.