Monday, July 17, 2006

Mick da Mouse

My little grandson, Jack, has an accent. I'm not sure where he gets it, because we're all from around here, but his mother had one at the same age, so maybe it's genetic. Jack loves VeggieTales, and especially loves Bob da Mato (Bob the Tomato). This morning when Jack and Mama stopped by on their way to daycare, I gave Jack some Mickey Mouse graham crackers. "Dem Mick da Mouse?" he asked me? Well, yes they are. He generously doled out one for me, one for Mama, crammed his mouth full, and began to worry. "Where da phone? Where da mote (remote)? Put on shoes, Yaya. Come on, I pull you up."

I love having them stop by in the morning. I was just getting up, and I think a hug from a 2 1/2 yo is the best way to wake up. We were sitting in the living room when Mama said it was time to go to school. "Not yet," said Jack. "Later. In a minute." and he closed the door, just in case we tried to sneak him out when he wasn't looking.

DD noticed recently that he needed something lighter to cover up with at night with this heat wave. Most of Jack's blankets were too small to be useful now that he has grown so much, so I went to Joanne's on Saturday and found some really cute cotton print: Winnie the Pooh and Suzy's Zoo. Yesterday I hemmed 2 sheets and made 2 little pillowcases. I hope he has happy dreams sleeping with those; I prayed as much love as I could into them while I worked on them.

This morning I am meeting my buddy, Mona, at Curves. We're both hoping to get ourselves back into regular exercise. I quit last winter when my back bothered me so much. Ironically, it's exercise and losing weight that I need to relieve my back pain...I don't even need to see doctors anymore. No matter what's wrong with me, I know the answer is, "Lose weight." Urinary tract infections? Headache? Muscle spasm? Acid reflux? Diabetes? The cure for all of these is Lose Weight. What do doctors tell skinny people? I'll bet skinny people are doomed to suffer until death, because they don't have weight to lose...


Seeker said...

Mick da Mouse. Dat's cute.

Hannelie said...

I miss sewing, I use to do it, but then started working and got busy with other hobbies, blogging!! I should start again, the sheets sounds like a easy good idea to get back into things again.
hi to Cassie from me!

Cassie said...

Hi to Hannelie!

Mom, we should write stories about Jack and the adventures of Mick da Mouse, Oye Boy, Bob da Mato and all his other friends!