Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sick Baby

As if this heat wave weren't bad enough, little Jack is sick. He has been coughing and fussy for a few days, but yesterday his mama noticed that he was just burning hot, even in the pool. She didn't have much luck getting his temp until sometime during the night when his underarm temp was 101. Seems to me that meant his actual internal temp was even higher. Bless her, she called me in the middle of the night to ask if I could stay with him today because he couldn't go to daycare with a temp. No problem. And it wasn't a problem, except I am not used to being alert for so long. At home here, I can doze off. Jack and I had a nice day. We didn't do too much of anything, just kind of relaxed and took it easy. Jack covered Gracie (the dog, and a whole story unto herself) with his sheet so she could "go s'eep." Gracie wasn't very appreciative and kept getting up. Undaunted, Jack would cover her again the next time she plopped down long enough.

I had just mentioned that he would be going down for his nap soon when he brought his sheet and his binky and climbed up in my lap. He was asleep in moments. I sat and relished the feeling of a sleeping child in my arms...until my hip began to ache. Then I scootched out from under him and he lay curled up, sound asleep, for another 2 hours. Between not sleeping well with the heat, and not feeling good, the little guy slept a good, long time.

My son, as fine a man as I ever have known, is single parenting this week while his wife is out of town on a business trip. His dear little guys are so fun, and so active, that I know he must be exhausted. I wonder if they all are piled up in bed with him? It wasn't easy for me to sit on the couch during my visit. As my Steve puts it, his kids don't believe in the laws of physics, and continue to try to occupy the same space as each other, their parents, or their gramma.


Seeker said...

I sure hope Jack is feeling better today. Gracie sounds like a patient soul...

Cassie said...

Jack is feeling better and Gracie is an amazing dog. Our sweet little foundling has turned into a blessing. She loves Jack and tolerates his antics so well. We just love all of our "kids".