Wednesday, August 30, 2006

She Did It! All By Herself!

This is what Jack tells us regularly: He did it, all by himself. No matter who helps him. And a week or so ago he was telling his mama and daddy that he was a Big Girl. Well, he's 2.

I wonder if my other 2 yr old grand is still announcing "Ki'ycat, hairba'!"? I love 2 yr olds. I hear the 4 is crazy about preschool. I wish I could see her joy. She didn't adapt to daycare easily, but I guess a year of her big brother teaching her phonics when he came home from school was enough to persuade her that school is cool.

So, my DD fixed my blog problem. She said it was a setting on my template. I swear, I promise, cross my heart, I will NEVER do anything to anything on this blog again. I will leave it to the experts - DD and Hannelie.

We are back to school with a vengence. Four days of training this week, and another on Tuesday, the fifth. Students arrive on the sixth. Honestly, I'm a wreck. First, I haven't had to get up for a while, and going back to full days of training has made me tired. Last night I came home and fell asleep, woke up and fell asleep, finally got up and went to bed - at 8:30. Today I just cried a lot. After school, that is. Everything is fine once we get back into the swing of it, but right now it's not much fun.

Time to go to bed. TTFN.


Hliza said...

Gramma, glad to have you back! And thanks for listing my blog in your links! It's so much fun dealing with toddlers; they have their own mind and way!

Steve said...

Welcome back!

The little one has gotten over his hairball fetish; the daughter now has a traffic light fetish - "daddy, is the light green? Daddy is the light red? Why?" - ad infinitum.

She's a cutie though.

The Boy is doing the weather broadcast today. He's thrilled.

Cassie said...

I don't know what the deal was with your blog either. I just screwed around with it until I got it to work.

Jack had a good morning. He threw everything he could get his hands on across the room or the car, whichever he happened to be in at the moment. What a turkey.

At daycare he took his truck in and his teacher said that they prefer the kids not bring their own toys in except on share day because they fight over them and they prefer to keep that to one day a week. I had to hide his truck in my pants (I don't have pockets) and sneak it out the door.

Gramma said...

This is Cassie, I just fixed your links. Geez what a mess.

Hannelie said...

Yeah!!! Cassie what a star you are!
Whow, I could not sort that one out, later one I was hands in the air giving up!
Whoo hoo, welcome back Gramma, looking fw to many more posts!