Wednesday, August 9, 2006

What to do First?

School will be starting soon. Indeed, workshops begin next week for staff. The lazy days of summer will come to an end. I want to be ready. And my little group of ladies from church is coming over Saturday. The house is relatively clean, but the carpet is BA-AD. It looks as if someone dribbled mud randomly around the living room. I can't figure out what caused it. In appearance, it resembles a random slug trail, only dark like mud. So I'll be off to rent a Rug Doctor this morning, I guess.

Other things that need to be finished are less likely to happen before Saturday. I wanted to have made sweet little crocheted bookmarks for each lady. Can't seem to get through even one. And I wanted to finish the Christmas stocking. That one is fine - I still have four months to complete that. And the bookmarks can be done anytime, there is nothing special about having them on Saturday. I'd like to work on the quilt, since I did finally reach Sonja and know what to do next. But I need a space of time to work on that, and I need to lay it out on the floor and look at it, and the carpet is filthy...

Ok, so I guess I'll get dressed and head for the grocery store and check on the carpet shampooers. There is still time to have professionals come in.


Seeker said...

Happy carpet-cleaning!
You have a long list... just start at the top and work your way down.
(Has Jack been dragging mud across your house? These little guys love their mud.)

Hannelie said...

Oh I just hate my lounge carpet too, the more you wash the more dirt comes up. We are currently renting our house, if it was my own I would've ripped it out looong ago, let me know if they manage to preformed a miracle, LOL just did grocery shopping too today!

Hliza said...

Hi Gramma,

I 'm so touched that you had e-mailed me and expressed your concerns. Thanks a million! My first time here and looking forward to come more often!
You know what, sometimes I wish I had a magic wand which I can just use anytime to make the carpet as clean as new. Coz it never gets back to its normal colour at all!:-)

Pauline said...

Thanks for stopping by my site - and I'm glad I've found yours! I'm off to school too, when I return from Oregon. I'm with second graders, teaching writing and poetry as a quasi-professional (I also teach college workshops and tutor independently). And you?

Your current blog reminds me of my to-do list pasted to the table so I don't lose it! Good luck with the carpet.