Saturday, September 30, 2006

Little Boys

I've spent some evenings this week over at Jack's house. As long as the weather holds, Jack is outside as much as possible, playing with his gang. The gang consists of Jayden, who turned 2 in June, Jack, who is 2 1/2, and the twins - Bobby and Mark - who turned 3 the last week of August. Jayden's baby brother is only 3 months old, so he isn't in the gang yet.

So every evening these little guys get out in the long drive that leads to the duplexes where they live. It's a wonderful location for them, far away from the busy road, plenty of grass and a drive that is paved. Jayden has a Little Tyke's police car; the twins have a Little Tyke's orange hot rod, and Jack has a Little Tyle's red sedan. Three cars, 4 boys. You can imagine. The odd thing is they never ride in their own cars. Jack prefers the police car. The twins like Jack's car, and Jayden drives the hotrod.

Sometimes they fight. Last night it was Mark (or maybe Bobby), pointing to the house and saying, "My g'ma" (grandma). Jack pointed to me and said, "My grandma."
The twin repeated his statement, pointing to his house. Ditto, Jack. We broke it up before the fight. A few weeks it did erupt into a fight over mamas. "My mama,
said the twin. "NO! MY mama!" said Jack. Each pointing at his own mama, by the way. So they're getting angrier and angrier, each pointing at his own mama and shouting at the other, "MY MAMA!!"

If you didn't know they were all little white boys by just looking at them, you'd have been able to tell the other evening when the twins brought out their music and all the boys were dancing in the carport. No one could accuse any of them of having any rhythm! On the other hand, it was a great lesson in personal enjoyment. They just wanted to have fun, and what other people might think never entered.

Jack is really the brains of the gang. Up to a point. The twins brought out their semi trucks last night, and immediately rushed to Jayden's and Jack's dump trucks. Jack pushed one of the semis up to the stoop, arranged it in front of the door, and sat on it. You could see the wheels turning in the twins' heads. Wow...what a cool idea... and there was the fight! Only two semi trailers, and three bottoms to sit on them...

So while the boys yell, chase, jump, hollar, fight, scream, race, and otherwise enjoy themselves, I sit in the lawn chair, working on a Christmas stocking that will find its way to Houston. I watch, I laugh, I kiss bumps, I visit with the moms, and I feel wonderful to be near all that energy, all that love, all that innocence.


Hliza said...

That's sounds like fun Gramma. I continuously marvel everyday at the little things we can learn from the children's action and ways. They're so refreshing and really a sight to behold! So happy for you to have such wonderful grandchildren...

Hannelie said...

They all sound so great it must be such a pleasure to observe them all. My g'ma! Oh cute.
Glad your post is up, I've missed you.