Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My Son-In-Law

Just about five years ago (in August) my DD began seeing a young soldier stationed nearby. I remember that she seemed to like him, and I remember telling her I thought he was cute. We were sitting on the back deck one warm evening. He was away with his unit, fighting fires up north. I was just one month out of the disaster that I had married.

So, we sat there in the dark, drinking diet Coke, relaxing, and talking about life in general, when the phone rang. Young soldier calling DD. "Oh, Hi-i-i..." she said, smiling. Later on he would tease her a little about that greeting. It wasn't long when he was back from the fire-fighting, and they began seeing each other regularly. In fact, within a month he came home with her one evening...and never left. They have been together ever since.

They are married now, of course, and have given me such a fun little grandboy. And this weekend my son in law turns 30. Happy Birthday, Sweetie!! I love you. I love what a good daddy you are, and I love how much you cherish my dear daughter.


Cassie said...

Thanks mom. I'm going to make sure he sees this (he almost never goes online).

Hannelie said...

OH, how sweet! Happy Birthday to son-in-law from Oz.

Seeker said...

Isn't it great to know you've got a son-in-law that really knows how to take care of your daughter?! That's how I feel about mine. Jason just turned 3o, as well.

Hliza said...

Oh, that is so sweet! Happy birthday to him! Thank God there's still plenty of good man in this world and your SIl is sure one if them! Both you and Cassie are so blessed to have him in the family.