Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sick Babies and Short Weekends

I made beef stew today. It was really good, with plenty of good potatoes and carrots and onions, and I threw in Bisquik dumplings for good measure. MMmmmm. So DD and family came over to help eat it. The little guy was running a high temp: about 101 under his arm. He was so lethargic, and just wanted to be held, which was easy to want to do, considering how sad he was.

Mom finally gave him some Tylenol, and within 20 minutes he perked right up. Play-Doh everywhere, and he helped me sort the piles of paper that are left after paying the bills, and he was in a very good mood, unless someone suggested he might possibly consider saying "please" when he wanted something. Then all you-know-what broke loose and he screamed and cried and carried on... It was like watching Dr Jekyll turn into Mr Hyde. Poor little guy. He wanted to lie down and be covered with 17 blankets. No, that wasn't it...he wanted to drink chocolate, not that either...he wanted dinner -- nope, never mind, not that...maybe a pillow...or, I know! Put play-doh in and out of a paper bag for a while. Add some magazines. Be content sitting on the floor until...until...Dog Treats! He wanted dog treats! Not very many; just some. Except Mom was so darn unreasonable and took them away and then, of course, he had no choice but to get mad and cry and sob and hollar.

Meanwhile, I could use another day to get some more of this house cleaned up. I couldn't find the vacuum yesterday. I guess it had been so long since I used it... But there it was, at last, tucked in the back of the closet behind the coats with pillows piled on it. So now it is sitting in the bedroom where I can't miss it. And, as I said, I need a longer weekend so I have time to actually use it.


Hannelie said...

Same here my littlest is sick too and he sleeps twice a day now, had a fever and don't want to eat unless it's strawberries! What ever, he's eating so that counts.
Glad to have you back.

Steve said...

Beef Stew - mmmm.

We had hot dogs and chopped beef and fritos.

Back on Sunday