Sunday, November 5, 2006


I sat through a long day of training on Friday. Some of it was pretty good stuff, and some of it was so basic (to my specific job) that it was pretty dull. We spent a good share of the morning on collaborative IEPs. The gist of the presentation had to do with listening skills and a team approach to writing an IEP. The listening skills and teamwork are what I teach. The IEPs, on the other hand, are written by the special ed professionals who are trained in the Law. Usually I am a "related service" on an IEP, and as such should have some input; but I am not required to write them. For whatever reason, I am finding more and more often that I am written into an IEP to provide counseling toward social skills. I think it is odd that social skills - those rules of social behavior we learn as we grow up - need to be taught in school. Forgive my sarcasm here, but do parents have any responsibility anymore? Or is it their job just to pop kids out and leave the rest to the teachers?

I digress. The rest of the morning had to do with writing 504 Plans. This is training I have had up to Here, but in our eclectic group, it was necessary because not all are familiar with it. So, to while away ten of the minutes, and I really did take notes, by the way, I wrote:

Ode to a Fallen Leaf

O little bud where has thou gone?
Uncurl'ed in the warm spring sun,
Thou stretched and grew til fully formed.
Then turn'ed red and fell to ground
And crumbled to dust without sound.
And yet once more thou shall appear
As a brave new bud again next year.

Well, it ain't Shakespeare, but it amused me.

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