Saturday, November 11, 2006

Thank You

Find a veteran, and thank him or her for answering the call to defend and protect us. Me. My children and grandchildren.

I honor my grandfather, Steve, who served in the US Cavalry during the Spanish-American War;
my father, Ed, who served in the Air Force during WWII, the Berlin Air Lift, Korea, and Vietnam;
my father-in-law, Earl, also a "lifer" and veteran of WWII, Korea, and Vietnam;
my former husband, Lee, a Vietnam era veteran who served for 22 years, and who was there when the Berlin Wall came down;
my son, an Air Force Linguist who is a veteran of Operation Allied Forces;
my son-in-law, who served in Kosovo;
and all of the parents of "my" students at the two military bases my school district serves.

Thank you! Thank you!

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