Sunday, November 19, 2006

Tough Weekend

I've been home sick for four days. Not much fun, but I've slept a lot and watched a lot of tv, finished two books and begun another. Wrote a few lines on my novel (yeah, I'm even doing that), and last night I hollowed out a book for my grandson.

Remember those secret books that opened to be a box containing a treasure? I stopped by the Goodwill while I was out yesterday and picked up an old, inexpensive copy of Treasure Island. I've left a few pages in the front loose, so the book appears to be normal...then several pages are glued together and a flap that opens and closes is cut into them.

Then, using a box cutter, I measured and cut a rectangle through the next 300 pages, and have begun gluing all of tose pages together. When finished, I'll tuck some money inside, and wrap the whole thing for his birthday, with a note telling him his gift has a secret...

1 comment:

Steve said...

I bet he'll love it, once he figures it out.