Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I don't know why people have problems with Mondays. Tuesdays are the worst. Where I work, Mondays are pretty mellow. I think everyone, including students, is tired from staying up too late or playing too hard on the weekend. On Tuesdays it all catches up.

There are a couple of little boys I can depend on to wreak havoc on any given Tuesday. They are both darling little boys in first grade, cute as buttons, and both are very intelligent. Today was a Tuesday, and I'm not going to tell much. Let it be said that they were both rarin' for a Tuesday; they did not disappoint any of the staff who have come to know them. They sure are cute, though. Lucky for them. (I jest!!!)

Not only was my Tuesday blessed with them, I had a student come to see me - I had forgotten I had scheduled her, so she was a surprise. I didn't bat an eye, professional that I am, but pulled my notes on her (I was so excited that I remembered her name) and saw where we had left off, and picked it back up in a very smooth move. I hadn't had more than half a dozen words fall from my lips when a second student plopped herself down at the table. "Did I send for you?" "Yeah, remember once you said on Friday..." "No. I did not send for you. Did your teacher send you?" "Yeah, remember when you said once..." "No, your teacher did not send you. You need to go back to class." "But once you said..." "No. You may not come to see me unless you bring a note from your teacher." "But once you told me..." "I told you I would talk to you, and I did. We already did that. You may not come to me without a note." "But you said..." "You must go back to class now." "But I want to stay here. Remember, you said..." "Go back to class." "But you said..." "Go back to class." "But..." "Go back to class."

How is that for counseling technique? Really, this little doll is also precious, but has a habit of doing whatever is desired, whenever the mood hits, and we work to reinforce getting permission. It seems this child overheard the other one talk to the teacher about coming to see me, and had a wonderful idea to do the same. It is special to be loved in this way.

And just as my office was emptying out and I was getting ready for my afternoon at my other school, the boys hit again. Not to worry. I called the other school and explained that we had a lot of stuff going on, and I wouldn't be over today, ending with, "I don't really have anything scheduled except the first grade lunch group, so if you could let that teacher know I won't be there..."

This is a Tuesday, remember. So as soon as I finished my lunch the secretary called me back and said, "Mr _____ is gone, and we just had a call from CPS about a situation and we need you to come over after all." No problem. All the children were nestled, all snug in their desks, pe classes, or recesses, so off I went.

It was a Tuesday there, too. But mostly only for me. I forgot that I was going to have lunch with a teacher and show her how to conduct a test she was unfamiliar with. I forgot that I had scheduled a couple of students. I forgot that I was scheduled to do a lesson on bullying in a 4th grade classroom. And where did that stack of student cumulative files come from? Meeting? What meeting? Oh, I'm sorry - I completely spaced on the special ed social skills group...

Oh yeah, the CPS situation never happened. Probably because it was a Tuesday.

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