Sunday, November 5, 2006

What do they want of me?

Tomorrow I have to get a crown. On my tooth. Friday I get a physical and an eye exam. It seems like I'm always having something looked at lately, and I don't appreciate it. I have pretty much all the same parts I came into the world with, except for a couple of teeth and a gall bladder, but the parts don't work like they used to and I don't appreciate that, either. I wasn't ever going to get old. I remember thinking it wouldn't happen to me. My parents were old. Then my parents died, and that wasn't in my plan, either.

Shoot. It just doesn't seem fair.


Hannelie said...

Oh but do remember you're only as old as you feel. But mind you as my years keep ticking on as well I'm thinking am I really that age now? How did it come so quick.
Good luck with all the examinations, it coundn't hurt, I've been meaning to get some done too and kept putting it off.
You inspired me now.

Seeker said...

Maintenance and upkeep... not for cars only.

marsha said...

I don't mind getting older. In fact, I'm glad I am getting older considering the alternative...what I do mind is that my body doesn't always feel as young as I wish I was.