Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

It is the wee hours of Christmas Eve...1am in fact. I've been wrapping gifts all evening. The cat and I are trying to get in the mood for Christmas. As I put things together for the local grand, I found gifts I forgot to mail to the Houston grands. I guess they'll enjoy getting an after-the-fact package.

I so looked forward to this break, and I have been so sick with this miserable cold it hasn't been much fun so far. My son in law's parents and Granny came up for the holiday, and they all are doing their Christmas tomorrow. I didn't understand why, exactly, but it's ok with me. My daughter graciously invited me to come over and join the morning mayhem, but I opted out. It is a long trip for them to be with their family and they don't need me there. I always have plenty of time with Jack and his mommy and daddy.

My friend gave me an opportunity to 'gift' her yesterday morning. She needed someone to stay with her mother (in her 90s) while she went to the airport to pick up daughter #3 and husband, so I went over in my robe and nightgown and slept on the couch for a couple of hours. Grandma didn't wake up, and neither did I. This friend has always, always, always been there for me; I'm so glad I could do something so simple to make her life a little easier.

I've uploaded a digital picture of my little tree. I can't seem to focus, and I don't know how this picture came out. I hope it's ok...I also didn't check it before I uploaded it. I know how to turn on the camera, and I push buttons randomly until something happens. I'm going to see if my daughter knows how to erase all the pictures in its memory.

Ok, I'm going to take out the trash and check the mail. Yes, I said it is 1am, and I haven't done either of those yet. Then I think I'll turn off every light in the house and go to bed. Happy Christmas Eve.


Hliza said...

I wish I have somebody like you near my house..we can always help each other out! Merry Christmas Gramma!

Cassie said...

I wish you could come over and hang out. It's really crowded though (like you said) not so conducive for visiting. Jack's being adorable though. Well we'll see you tomorrow.
PS Jack opened your present this morning. I forgot whose it was (didn't label it) and gave it to him. We'll get it wrapped up again.

Anonymous said...

A cute little tree you got there. It must be easier to pack away each year.
Ours is about 6.5 feet and is a pain to pack away. I hope you recover soon, take care and have a wonderfull 2007!