Friday, December 22, 2006



In the first image, I was playing with some items to see if I could put together a collage I might use as a Christmas card. I wasn't happy with the result for a card, but it's ok, and shows a couple of pieces I have stitched. The Santa is a pin, and the other two are ornaments for grands. The second image is oil pastels and acrylic paint. This is an art project I found for a teacher friend to use in her classroom. Her students' projects turned out wonderfully! They were made into notecards which the PTA will sell. I sketched a simple design, colored it with oil pastels on printer paper, then carefully wrinkled the finished project. After smoothing it out, I painted it with a thinned mixture of acrylic paint ("Soldier Blue") and water, then rinsed it and laid it flat to dry. The paint adhered to the cracks created by wrinkling the paper, and gives it a batik effect. I kind of like it.

Merry Christmas!

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Hliza said...

These are amazing pieces of work..I'm always in awe towards creative people..especially teachers who can influenced their students to come out with good crafts. Merry Christmas!