Thursday, December 28, 2006

I guess I passed...

I studied really hard for my sleep test last night.

Apparently, I don't sleep very well. I went to bed at the Sleep Study Center about 10 pm, after an hour of being glopped and goobed with goo and wires. Then I coughed for a while, got up to use the bathroom--although before my foot hit the floor I heard a shriek from the walls, "Don't move! Wait for me!" and April came trotting in to unhook my motherboard and wrap it around my neck.

Back to bed, more coughing, right side, left side, cough some more, stare at the night light on my finger (they said it was measuring my oxygen, but it didn't have any little ruler lines on it), and after some more coughing April came in with some water. I was grateful, although it was hard to swallow with wires hanging out of my nose. I thought I fell asleep a few times, but after a while April appeared again with a sleeping pill. I guess it worked. When I woke up at 8:30 this morning, I had a mask covering my nose, and I don't know how it got there.

So, April said I was getting about 60% oxygen, which sounds like not such a good thing to me. She said I'll probably get a machine to wear on my face when I sleep. After breakfast, they put the night light back on my finger and I went back to sleep until about 10, when I dragged myself home.

I don't recommend sleep tests, for the record. I didn't like being away from home and hooked up to all those wires and having people speak to me from the walls. On the other hand, I felt pretty good today. And that's worth a lot. I've had a bad bout of bronchitis--my yearly illness--and had begun to feel like I wasn't going to recover, so I'm wondering if half the night with the C-PAP made this huge difference in how I feel. I haven't felt really good in years. Could the C-PAP be the answer to prayer?

By the way, April said it can be genetic, and both my children have sleep apnea, and so does my ex. Maybe we got it from him?


Janet said...

I have a brother and an aunt who both have to use masks when they sleep because of sleep apnea and have wondered frequently if my husband shouldn't look into it. It's amazing the difference it makes in energy levels and restfulness. Best wishes to you in the process.

Anonymous said...

This is so interesting. So will the mask be an oxygen mask you'll have to wear during the night? The little night light on your finger measured your oxygen in your blood, clever little machine, normally it should sit around 96-98% then the docs are happy, so if your's dropped to 60% ... oh boy!
Did the extra oxygen help to give you a good rest then?
Happy healthy new year to you all.

Gramma said...

Yes, I had a really refreshing sleep once I had the machine on. My doctor has written a prescription for (I think) a bi-pap. She said my apnea is severe. I'm looking forward to getting this machine.

BTW, Hannelie, it still won't let me post. This drives me crazy!!