Tuesday, December 26, 2006

What do you want for breakfast? I asked Jack.

"Mashed 'tatos," he answered. I looked in the fridge and couldn't find any leftover mashed potatos, so he settled for pumpkin pie.

Daycare was closed today, and mama had to work, so I stayed with Jack. After we made about 72 play-doh balls we played twucks for a while. Mostly, Jack likes to sit on the floor and cwash the twucks into each other. I hate to think when he starts driving... By the time we finished cwashing twucks, yaya was getting pretty tired (must be all the meds) so we 'nuggied into the big chair and watched the new VeggieTales movies. Jack has The Toy That Saved Christmas, and The Star of Christmas. Both were pretty cute, and Jack was wonderful to snuggle down with me so I could doze until we took our nap.

Even though I was completely at peace with my little guy, it was nice to see daddy arrive home early. I came home and took another nap. I'll probably start feeling good by next Tuesday, when I have to be back at work.


Steve said...

I'm glad to hear the cousin likes his Veggies! It can't hurt that Bob da Mato is prominently featured in the Star of Christmas.

His youngest cousin loves Monk right now, at least the theme song - to which he sings along. It's pretty cute.

Seeker said...

merry christmas.

Cassie said...

He showed me a leftover gumdrop and asked if he could eat it. I said yes. Which was a good thing because he showed it to me while it was on his tongue. "Sthee mawmaw? I eat?"

Hliza said...

So sorry to hear that you're not well..hope you can get enough rest by the New Year. I believe Jack help warms your heart and you can heal faster!