Saturday, December 9, 2006

What does a sheep say?

According to Jack, a sheep says "blaaah!" This just cracked me up. I went over for tree decorating this afternoon. While Jack was playing with the nativity figures, we asked him what a sheep says. His mommy and I thought that was a pretty cool answer.

I didn't go with them to the tree farm today; I was concerned my back wouldn't let me do the walking involved. It's a family tradition, and it delights me that they are able to continue it. In 1977, when Steve was three, his preschool class made a fieldtrip to a treefarm (The Green Branch Ranch, now defunct) to cut and buy a Christmas tree for their school. I didn't go on that field trip, but I think the kids' dad probably did. At any rate, we liked the idea, and a tradition was born.

When we were stationed at Scott AFB in southern Illinois, in 1984, we found a tree farm there to continue our tradition. If there was snow, the trip was especially fun, and if not, a trek through the mud wasn't so bad. There was always a candy cane and hot cocoa to enjoy, too.

I don't know if they have tree farms in Texas where the other grands live. My cousins in Michigan used to (and maybe still) take truckloads of trees to Texas for Christmas sales.

Finish of story: Jack had a wonderful time helping to decorate the tree. His daddy was so patient with him, teaching him how to hang the ornaments, and the tree was very pretty with it's cluster of decorations all at Jack's eye level. These are the important parts of holidays: passing on the traditions.


Anonymous said...

LOL, he sounds so funny the little man!
Hope you are doing well?

Hliza said...

So beautiful when the younger generations continue the tradition. Can I see the photo of your Christmas tree? It sounds so gorgeous here..