Sunday, January 7, 2007

Thank you, Australia!

My blogger friend, Hannelie, has used her Aussie magic and fixed my blog. I know all she did was try to post, and it worked, but it must have jogged something back into place, because until just now, my cursor would not appear in the 'compose' window. And, I'm pretty sure, that extra tab that says 'edit html' was not there last time I checked.

So, I have been trying to post for some time now; in fact, ever since I switched to the new blogger from the old blogger. I forgot that I had sworn to never touch anything again, and I switched templates, then tried to add a new header...wrong, wrong, wrong. This is my solemn vow: I will never try to fix anything myself again.

Oh yeah, Hannelie, the sleeping koala isn't there.

1 comment:

Hannelie said...

Just wondering: Are you on broadband or dailup?
I'm on broadband and things go fast, dialup might take a while to load.