Friday, February 23, 2007

Not much in the mood

to write, but it seems to be time for a new post.

I have a new dog. She is a fat old girl, a yellow lab named Abby, and she has been here a week. I think I love her. She is kind of slow, content to take it easy, and kind of like me. In fact, we're both short, fat blondes...

One of the things I like about Abby is that she snuggles with me at night. The house doesn't seem so empty now, and she is so happy when I come home from work. Even Maggie, the cat, seems ok with Abby. Abby seems to know there is a cat here, and she doesn't seem to care.

My friend, Kathy, sent over a gift basket for Abby. In it I found a variety of dog treats, two tennis balls, and a squeaky furry football. Abby loves the toys, but won't let go of them. She gets the tennis ball so far back in her mouth I'm afraid she will asphyxiate herself. She brings the toys to me, shoves at me, but won't let go. When I finally do get hold of one and pitch it down the hall, she is ecstatic and tears after it as fast as her bulky old body will let her. She's not that old--probably about 8 years (that would be 56 in human years, and I'm 58, so that's pretty young).

I'm really glad Abby came here to live.


HLiza said...

I'm glad you found a friend in Abby. She sound adorable!

Steve said...

Yeah, but does she know that you can't drive if you're 66? It's in the Constitution - you can't drive over 55.

Gramma said...

Thanks Hliza, she is a sweetie. It feels so good to have such an interactive pet.

Steve, I talked to her about the driving, and she is ok with that. And I'm still driving. Don't tell the constitution cops. Shhh!

Cassie said...

HEY! I take offense to that comment!