Tuesday, March 20, 2007


______ is ______ — See how creative you can be when filling in the blanks.

I found this exercise on Poetry Thursday's blog.

Typing is talking.
Talking is communicating.
Communicating is reaching out.
Reaching out is being in relationship.
Relationship is primal need.
Primal need is to know God.
To know God is to be in relationship with God.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Pulling Weeds

What a nice day. The weather is turning to spring, and in honor of that, I worked in my flower bed this afternoon. For a solid two hours I clawed at the weeds, digging down to grasp the taproot, hoping to yank it whole from the ground. Taproots grow deeply, and it isn't easy to pull one up whole. I succeeded only once or twice on very young dandelions, not yet fully entrenched.

Three sad primroses, left to fend for themselves inside a plastic grocery store bag, were rescued and planted in a newly cleared space. Whether they survive remains to be seen.

Rhizomes have broken the surface of the earth. A few years ago I planted some nearly dead irises. They grew! Maybe they need to be thinned...

Listen to me! I sound like a gardener, don't I? Almost as if I know what I'm doing. I've picked up bits and pieces here and there, but mostly I just play in the dirt and pretend. My garden gloves are black with the rich, moist soil. I filled two boxes with stray grass, last year's oak leaves, bits of pine trees, and dandelions. When I look at the flowerbed, I can see what I did. That's what I miss in my job. I work hard for hours, and at the end of the day I can't see what I did. Chores can be very satisfying.

I like this score better.

Testriffic IQ test

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Dream Makers

We are the dreamers, the weavers and spinners,
Singers in a minor key.
The smoke and the mirrors
Hide in our minds:
We twist them and bend what you see.

We give you nightmares and daydreams,
Giggles and fears,
Braided and woven together
Into a crazy old quilt to hide your head under
While we shape the wind and the weather.

And the moon trills its tale
While Hecate spins
Threads invisible and free;
Gossamer strands entwine you and bind you,
We control what you think and can see.

We are the dreamers, the weavers and spinners,
And our siren cry beckons
Through the mists of a scheme,
Enrapturing, capturing,
Bewitching, beguiling,
Luring you into a dream.


Saturday, March 3, 2007


I love to write. I love turning a phrase to make its meaning just exactly right. But I don't write much these days. My last post, Murder by Omission, was written for a competition in my writer's group. The challenge was to write a two page horror story. It's pretty hard to set a tone, a mood, and develop a plot in only two pages. I'm not sure how well I succeeded, in spite of the positive comments I have received.

The writer's group, Writer's Roundtable, is a great place to try out different things. Members can read their work and invite criticisms from other members, although the people are so nice they don't like to take a chance on hurting anyone's feelings. This group has published two anthologies, in order to give ourselves an opportunity to experience being published. My poetry and short stories are included, and I did most of the illustrations for both books.

Unfortunately, I don't attend anymore, although I still consider myself a member. The group meets at the local Borders, and getting there involves driving in the dark on the freeway. I'm just too nervous these days to face the traffic under those conditions.

It would be great to find a writing partner. I would like to work with someone to develop a good story. I might do well on a scene, but don't know where the story is going. Often, I just don't know what happens next.

I've joined an online reading/writing group through Yahoo. Some of the members are authors I have read over the years, and I love seeing this 'person' side of them. Who knows...maybe someday I really will be an author.