Sunday, March 11, 2007

Dream Makers

We are the dreamers, the weavers and spinners,
Singers in a minor key.
The smoke and the mirrors
Hide in our minds:
We twist them and bend what you see.

We give you nightmares and daydreams,
Giggles and fears,
Braided and woven together
Into a crazy old quilt to hide your head under
While we shape the wind and the weather.

And the moon trills its tale
While Hecate spins
Threads invisible and free;
Gossamer strands entwine you and bind you,
We control what you think and can see.

We are the dreamers, the weavers and spinners,
And our siren cry beckons
Through the mists of a scheme,
Enrapturing, capturing,
Bewitching, beguiling,
Luring you into a dream.



Crafty Green Poet said...

I enjoyed reading this, it has a nice rhythm

Gramma said...

Thanks for stopping by, poet. Hope you will come back.

writerwoman said...

It makes me think about the magic behind the scenes of any artist's work. I liked it.