Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bye G'amma

The twins left today. The 3 year old twin boys who lived across the driveway from Jack. These little boys, who Jack referred to as "Robby and the other Robby," were Jack's sunshine companions. As long as they lived there, every sunny moment the three little boys would be outside on their bikes (which they all referred to as motorcycles), riding and and playing. The other day when the temps were in the high 70s, their moms let them play in the sprinkler. "We pwayed in da spwinkles" Jack told me. He was quite proud that he could turn the "sprinkles" high or low with the faucet.

I know he doesn't understand, and I know he will miss "da boys." It probably hurts me more than it does him. So many changes in his life right now: saying good-bye to his binky, potty-training, new babies in mama's tummy (say what?, and now his buddies moving away. I had grown to love those little boys. They called me G'amma from the beginning, and I was fine with being the neighborhood gramma. I hope another good little friend moves in so Jack won't miss da boys too much.

Who knew I'd turn into such a sap about little ones?


Cassie said...

Jack keeps telling me that the boys will be here tomorrow and then he can play with them. Yesterday he wanted to know where Robby's motorcycle was so he could ride it.

HLiza said...

Oh poor Jack! I'm feeling sad for him too.. Hopefully he'll get another good friend soon!

Hann said...

Oh, poor thingy, even I feel sad too.
Ok, lets all wish together for a cute little new friend to move in soon.