Thursday, April 5, 2007

Of Daydreams...

My cat sits in the window
Watching the falling snow
I thnk she dreams of summer things
That happened a while ago.

One soft white flake might make her think
Of butterflies floating by
Another may remind her
Of moonbeams in the sky.

Or maybe she just sits and dreams
And doesn't think at all
Maybe she just quietly sits
And watches snowflakes fall.

I think I'd like to be my cat
To sit like her and dream
Of all the things I've done or not
And all things in between.


Hann said...

Very cool!! I love it, I could just see the cat in my mind's eye sitting there and in the same time the poem spoke to me! Well done!

Anonymous said...

Hello there,

I just happen to stumble on your site because we call my friend "nabbycat" too. :) We're on the other side of the world though, in sunny Singapore. We're born in the 2nd half of the last century, but hey, it's still the same century!

Anonymous said...

Anyway, I like this poem. It's simple, but vivid. I love the mental pictures that come into my mind: the back of a tabby cat on the windowsill, in the warm glow of the fireplace, watching the snowflakes descend softly. Or at least that's how I see it.

thanks for sharing it.

Gramma said...

Thanks for your comments, both of you. The purpose of poetry is to evoke a response, especially an emotional connection. It flatters me that you both express that. I've submitted this poem to a local contest.

Lilli & Nevada said...

Love the poem, and since i have 10 cats i can really relate to this one thanks so much for sharing,