Monday, April 2, 2007

Spring Break

A week to laze around and relax. Time to refresh the spirit and renew the soul. Time to catch up on housework and needlework and reading. I spent half an hour yesterday combing and brushing Abby, my yellow dog. She enjoyed it so much she began making little noises that sounded like "Mmmm..." I took off about half a bag of loose hair--totally amazing to me that a short-haired dog could have that much loose hair. She already was devoted to me, but now I'm tripping over her with every step. I guess we bonded.

On the other hand, now that I have a dog, the backyard needs attention that it didn't need before. I know how to clean it, I just don't know what to do with the landmines when I pick them up.

It's really nice to have a dog again. Abby is exactly the kind of dog I hoped for, too. She is content to lie next to me on the couch while I stitch, she snuggles close on the bed at night. She is calm and peaceful, doesn't get excited about the cat, and is happy to see me when I get home from work. I guess praying about finding the right dog was a good idea.

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Hann said...

Abby sounds just so cute!
Enjoy your break.