Saturday, April 21, 2007


I've been working on Jack's Christmas stocking for at least two months, and have quite a bit yet to go. The scan shows basically the toe of the piece. Behind the slumbering mouse is a Christmas tree, and to his left are packages. Upon the tree and on 'notes' will be the words "Not a creature was stirring." I found this pattern in the UK magazine, CrossStitcher.

Of course, this was the last of the four stockings I was stitching for my grands, until DD announced that she is pregnant--joyful surprise!--and that she is carrying twins--OMG!!! Now the search is one for two more stocking patterns. I'm pretty sure I could design my own...but will I? Getting around to things seems to be problematic for me. Still, where my grandbabies are concerned, I'm a little more likely to follow through.

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