Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunday, Sunday

A lazy day spent reading (Withering Heights by Dorothy Cannell) and napping (on the couch with the dog). Late in the afternoon I turned on the tv and sat down to fold laundry, and that's when the phone rang. It was DD calling to say, "We have pancake mix and bacon. Do you want to fix supper?" So they came down and I made pancakes and bacon for supper. A friend at work had given me Apple Pie syrup--it carries the Safeway label, and tastes just like the juicy part of an applie pie! It went pretty fast between the three of them. I made do with my sugar free maple syrup.

It was a nice evening, relaxed and simple. I'm noticing more and more lately how much I miss having a family to take care of. Jack wears me out, of course, but beyond that I miss the focus that having people around the house gives to me.

In four weeks my Wonderful Son will graduate from Law School. I'm so proud I could bust. I was there when he graduated high school, of course, and Cassie and I went to Monterey when he finished DLI for the Air Force. Now I get to see him graduate with his D.J. Now, at first, I was sure that meant that he was going to be on the radio, but he says no, it stands for Doctor of Jurisprudence. I said, "Steve, you are the first doctor in the family!" He said it's not that kind of doctor. "I wonder if you can help me with my back," I said. "I know I need to lose weight, but until I do that, is there anything you can do for the pain?" He said no, he's not that kind of doctor. So...he is either a D.J. or a doctor, but he won't be on the radio and he won't tell me what to do about my back. I love him, but he can be a little stubborn.


Hann said...

Congrats again! If it's not for the twins it's now a graduation LOL
It is so wonderful, I read it also just earlier, can't belief how quick the time went since I started reading the three of you's blogs.

Now, a Sunday nap sounds like my kinda thing too. By the way the cross stitch below is just gorgeous, you are very talented!

Steve said...

Technically speaking,

On May 19, I will be Steve, J.D.

When I pass the bar and start practicing, I will be entitled to refer to myself as Steve, Esq.