Friday, June 22, 2007

Talk About Hard Work!

I have been trying for a few weeks (since April 22) to post on my blog...but somehow I forgot who I was and what my password was. Duh. Actually, I knew, but for some reason I couldn't quite get the combination right. I have user names and passwords for a lot of accounts, here on blogger, on various lists, at work...and I do have a system for remembering, but somehow the right combinations weren't coming up.

Also, haven't been able to post to anyone else's blog, so the internet has had to survive without me. The fact that it actually HAS survived without me is kind of a blow.

Today was the last day of school. I spent half the morning at the first school, hugged some kids, signed autograph books, and got checked out for the summer (that means my office was packed up properly, not that someone was taking a look at me). I ambled over to the other school in time to wave good-bye to the kindergarteners. I finished closing up that office, then joined the staff for the traditional wave. That particular school is about 85% free and reduced lunch, which is how the government decides we get extra money to close the achievement gap. About 1/3 of our population speaks Spanish, which is new in the last 3 years for the area we serve. We have a wonderfully mixed population, ethnically; much like working in a little United Nations, but no perks.

Two weeks ago the principal of the second school resigned to work closer to his home. This week the superintendent resigned. Today the staff met a candidate for principal of our building. Lots of major changes in a very short time. People have been short with each other. Tempers are frayed. Laughter has a hollow sound, and there is a sense of holding on by the fingernails. I don't know if education is getting harder as a career field, or if I am getting to a point where I'm tired. I look forward to doing nothing...

...except looking after Jack at least part of the time, so his mama can rest and grow those little twins into good, healthy babies. I also hope to do some sewing, finish my quilt, read a few dozen books, do some painting and drawing, and write some poetry. I wonder how much of this list will be complete by the time school begins?

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Hann said...

he he, you should have e-mailed me, I have it written down since the time I helped you ... I think it's still in my book. But ... glad to see you are on holidays and around blogging again.
Enjoy the off time!