Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Officially, Day Two of my summer break. I already feel broken. Yesterday was very busy! After running errands, I picked up Jack and took him to Target with me. He was such a good boy! He stayed with me, held onto the cart and walked alongside it, and he wanted everything. To help keep him involved I handed things to him to put into the cart, and it backfired just a little when he decided that meant he could put anything in the cart...still, he was very well-behaved, and helped me drag in the packages when we arrived back "at yaya's house."

Then we played with Crayola Color Wonder, played a matching card game, blew bubbles, hosed off the patio...give a 3-year-old a hose! I was certainly ready to drop him off at home when the time came, but it sure was a fun and busy afternoon. Today I am expecting him in about 2 hours. I'm going to get him busy with the vacuum cleaner, another one of his joys. Listen, he loves vacuums, and even wanted to look at "da bacuum cweaners" at Target. Well it makes perfect sense, doesn't it? It has wheels and a motor.

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