Sunday, July 15, 2007

I've been tagged...

These can be fun, because who doesn't enjoy talking about her/him/self? My DS tagged me, so I get to follow the rules:

The rules are simple…Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

Me. The subject I know most about.

1. I doodle. If I am not reading, I usually have a pen in my hand. I doodle flowers, houses, and faces. I like many of my doodles better than my actual artwork; my doodles are spontaneous and done without concern for style or rules. Maybe that makes the difference.

2. My grandchildren brought me back to life. No, I wasn't suicidal or anything quite that dramatic, but I was just going through the motions, until my dear son married the woman of his dreams, and they brought The Boy into my life. The Princess followed soon after. Then my daughter and hubby contributed Jack, and next thing I knew The Apple had joined the mix. Now we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of The Gwils--Jack's twin sisters, who are due early this fall. With the addition of these little People into my life, I have regained focus and meaning. Their parents may not always believe it because, after all, they act like children, but these guys are Major Blessings.

3. I'm an introvert. What?? A person who reads, does needlework, stays home, avoids social gatherings, is happy alone?? Yes. And I work in a career that requires me to interact constantly with others. Ironic, yes, but I enjoy my work, and I enjoy my quiet and solitude. I need them both.

4. Being a Christian matters to me; going to church doesn't. I thought it was important when the kids were little, so they could learn things I might not remember to teach them. And it's a great social atmosphere, a good place for making contacts, an opportunity to get rid of excess money, provides a sense of belonging to something greater than the self, and, all that being said, does not provide me with the opportunity for spiritual meditation and service that I think I need. When I was a younger woman, I loved my church home, and my church family still is important to me, so please understand that I do value church; I just no longer attend the Sunday singing, praying, money gathering sessions--oh, I mean worship. (Maybe I don't attend because I am an introvert?)

5. I procrastinate. Everything. Right now I have a box of my mother's collectibles to unpack. It's been waiting about 10 years. This week I brought it in from the garage. In the hallway are two plastic 'drawers' for the contents of the bottom of my hall closet. I really need to sit down on the floor and sort that stuff into the drawers. Both my coffee tables contain books for work that I need/want/should read before school starts again in the fall. That sort of thing... and I'm sure those things will get done as soon as I set up some tasks I want to do even less than I want to do those. Like cleaning the bathroom.

6. My fantasy as a child was to live on a certain street, unnamed, on which every home held family. In this fantasy, all of my aunts and uncles, and my grandma, had a home on my street. Every home on the street was lived in by someone I loved... I was surrounded by people who loved me. I really wanted to grow up and move into middle Michigan, closer to family. Instead, the man I loved and married was in the Air Force, and I ended up 2500 miles from everyone. The fantasy has never completely left me. Which kind of leads me to...

7. collection of houses. I collect(ed) little David Winters cottages, wooden tole-painted house, any kind of miniature (but not doll) house I could find that I could afford. They all are sweet and cozy in appearance. They all look like the people who should live in them would be happy families. And they all remind me that " my father's house are many mansions," which is a promise to me that in Heaven I will be surrounded by love, and there is a little spot just for me.

8. A friend recently told me that my home reminds her of a Beatrix Potter house. She said she almost expects to see little bunnies peeking out from around the corners. I'm flattered. I think it means the place is cozy. (It may mean the place is a cluttered mess, but I get to decide how to interpret her remarks.)

So, who shall I tag? I'll bet this has already been to a bunch of people I read, so I will say if you are reading this, please tell me and consider yourself tagged.


Hann said...

1. Your artistic side then.
2. My mom use to say the same, she joked and told us with a laugh "go sort your own problems out, I'll look after the littlies".
3. I would have guessed that but it was sort of still a surprise to hear :-)
4. I totally agree with this paragraph. I grew up going to church and doing the whole pray, sing, listen, money thing too, but find too that my beliefs and spirituality is lately more private than that and I have this urge to keep it that way ... I'm only sad/worried now that I don't get to take my kids much.
5. Get a white board, since I have mine on the kitchen wall it helps remind me and keep me on track. As you know I'm the opposite an organizing freak LOL
6. That sounds like a good dream.
7. I wish I could come and have a look! They sound so cute too.
8. Oh that is my style of home, reminds me of Pauline's cottage too. (She's in my blogroll).
I want one one day.

HLiza said...

Oh I love to know all this about you! Like you gals I don't go to mosque much..(in Islam women don't always go to mosque anyway) and worried that my kids won't understand the role of a mosque now..but I believe the faith lies inside you. I love the idea of Beatrix Potter house..wish I can have a peek into yours! Hey, I'm new to the word 'doddling'..sounds so artistic to me!
Sorry I'm not taking the tag coz I'm tagged know a lot about me already!