Sunday, August 26, 2007

I wish all the grandkids lived here.

There's a monkey in the bathroom,
and a rock, and plastic knife;
two firetrucks in the living room
ready to save a life.
Legos and a tricycle
add to my home decor,
and rogue, escaping marbles
sabotage the floor.

I have rubber ducks and teddy bears,
lots of trucks and cars,
a toybox in the corner
holds things like shooting stars;
but what's the big attraction
when Jack is here to play?
It's the vacuum cleaner
that really makes his day.

I waited years to have my house
just the way I wished,
colors all coordinated
and draperies nicely swished...
I found that what I needed, though,
was a grandchild's special touch
to turn my house into the home
where love abounds so much.


Cassie said...

Shouldn't that read "Narbles"?

HLiza said...

That is so true! My mom grumbles a lot that her house is never tidy when the kids are around..but I know from the sparkle in her eyes and her laughter that she loves it when we're back!