Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Up A Lazy River...I wish.

Summer has turned. Two weeks ago it was a lazy, uneventful, glide in a canoe along a peaceful, slow-moving creek. Every other day there was a pleasant stop to pick up Jack and play on the shadowy banks. Suddenly that lazy little creek has become a white-water rapids spilling over the rocks, and I've lost my paddle.

We had been lulled into complacency, certain we had another four weeks or so to relax before school began our twins joined us, but the Gwils had other plans, and decided to be born last Thursday. They are lovely, of course, with bright red complexions (just like their mama had at birth), and masses of hair. I've held one, touched both, peered at them through their isolettes, and I can't tell if they are identical or not. They're doing great.

These tiny little cherubs were 8 weeks early, and mama says they are coming out of their isolettes and off their IVs already. They've been off oxygen since the second day (or earlier, I get confused). Mom and dad are at the hospital daily to feed and hold them. With out of town company to see the babies, mama and daddy have been pretty busy. I figure I'll get my chance at them in time, so I'm willing to stay home until the excitement dies down.

In other news, school is starting. I have an in-service tomorrow, all day, and three days next week; we'll have students the following week. We have a new principal at one of my schools. It promises to be a busy year. I suppose it's good that the babies came before school began, but I do wish I could be around to help mama a little more when she brings them home.


HLiza said...

Oh I can't wait to see them..having one baby is already a big joy..what more with two? Be patient Gramma!

Hann said...

I saw the pics, they are soo cute, you must be so proud of your 3 girls, Cas and the babies!