Monday, September 3, 2007


We knew for a week or two that there was a hive somewhere on the back porch. SIL said it was in one of the cardboard boxes stored out there, so I bought a can of wasp/bee killer and fearlessly went out to take down the bees.

As I peered over one box to look into the next I inadvertently disrupted the flying family. Suddenly bees were swarming everywhere around me and attacking with vengeance. Flailing my arms, waving, swatting -- none of that kept me from being stung at least five times. At last I made my way back into the house in a near panic. I am grateful that I don't have allergies to bee stings.

Last night Cassie and Brett came over and sprayed the nest. By bedtime, the backdoor screen was covered with bees. Would this nightmare never end? This morning they are mostly dead, with small, baby bees swarming... I guess we'll attend the hive again tonight. Meanwhile, my stings itch like crazy and make me feel a little insane. I don't dare let Jack out back to play at all.


Cassie said...

It's in a bad spot because all we can do is spray at the hole in the box, we can't get close enough to spray the nest itself.

Does no one else find it odd that I'm the one with the most severe reaction to bee stings; yet I'm the one who sprays the nest?

Wusses; all of ya!

Hann said...

LOL, Cassie you tell 'em!
Gramma, I hope you're ok and they can get rid off all the little buggers!
Take care.

HLiza said...

Oh they are so scary! Hope you get well soon..and Cassie..what are you doing out there? You should be resting girl!