Saturday, October 27, 2007


I wanted to let some of you know of three blogs that mean a lot to me, and that I read almost daily. They are listed in my sidebar: Jack's Mama, One Step Sideways, and Out of the Binjo Ditch. The first belongs to DD, the second to DIL, and the last to DS.

DS has some strong political opinions. Occasionally he writes about the 3 little Texans he is raising: The Boy, the Princess, and the Apple. I love his sense of humor and the wry style he uses to tell his stories.

DIL is a strong and creative woman. She has created three little ones (with some help) who are the southern apples in my eyes. She writes about various things that strike her, not always often, but always with heart.

DD writes about her life raising that funny little boy named Jack, and how the twinnies have added joys and complications to her life. She loves to tell stories about the northwestern apples I enjoy.

Please drop by and visit any or all.

Moving Forward

Today was a nice day. My dear friend picked me up for our 10 am Bible Study, and four of us (one is in China) fellowshipped and knitted and enjoyed each other's company. It was especially enjoyable to me after a week of fevers and chills and doctor appointments, and a lovely prelude to the new week and the upcoming surgery.

A little later in the afternoon I joined DD and Jacky and the twinnies at the Harvest Festival at church. Jack was so cute as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. His costume even had muscles. He ran and ran and played as hard as he knew how. What a joy to watch that child have fun! And when it was time for clean up he was right in the middle of it. He thinks of himself as a "bewwy stwong man" and does his best to lift, pull, heave, or carry. His enthusiasm outweighs his skills, but he gets an A for effort.

This evening we all went to Elmer's for dinner. That was nice. We often go to Applebee's because it's close, but it's so loud and busy that it often isn't fun. Elmer's was just the right note to end a long day. The babies slept through dinner (always a plus), and Jack was charming, although he refused to eat. Too much junk at the party?

I'm so relaxed and happy this evening. That's the way I like it.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

"It's Always Something"... Gilda Radner titled her book on her fight with breast cancer.

Indeed, on Columbus Day I didn't have much on my mind except being tired and glad that we had a 3-day weekend coming up. Last week I visited my new doctor for an initial appointment and the next thing I knew I was being scheduled for open heart surgery!


That'll teach me to switch doctors, I guess. She didn't like the symptoms I was describing to her--the same symptoms I had been describing for the past year to my former practitioner. Before I left her office that day, I had an appointment with the cardiologist for the next day. Before I finished with him he was scheduling an angiogram.

Five blockages in my heart. So the bypass surgery is coming up on Oct 30 at 8:30 am. The good news is that my heart muscle is strong and has no damage. More good news is that he can repair the five blockages with 3 bypasses, and he tells me that I fall in the 20% who won't need to be on a heart-lung machine.

With all that good news, seems like I wouldn't be so scared, but there you are. I am scared. And I need my children to be very careful because both of their parents have genetic predisposition to heart disease. I'm sorry, kids. But what was the alternative? If you had never been born, many people would never have had the joy of knowing you--especially me.

So on top of everythng else, I have a ginormous bladder infection, and my regular dr has put me on powerhouse antibiotics so we won't have to cancel the surgery. I'll be so glad to put all this behind me.

Any of you who are praying people, please keep me in mind.

Monday, October 8, 2007

October Thoughts

Today is Columbus Day. I seem to remember always getting off school for Columbus Day as a kid, but our school district doesn't recognize it and we have school as usual. The local military bases, however, do recognize Columbus Day as one of the Federal Monday-Holidays, so attendance is lower at many of our schools. On the other hand, this Friday is State Teacher In-Service Day, so there will be no public school. This is our first 3-day weekend this year.

This time a year ago I was already exhausted and ready for the year to end. This year I'm enjoying my job so much more. I think because of getting the sleep apnea under control. I went on a weekend trip to Portland a year ago, with some friends, to the Women of Joy Conference. One of the women who shared our hotel room told me she had trouble sleeping because she kept waiting for me to breathe again. Other people had mentioned my snoring was pretty bad, so I finally listened and did a sleep study. At the study I learned that I was getting only 60% oxygen while I slept, and a bi-pap machine was recommended.

Well, I've used the machine pretty religiously ever since I received it in January, and I must admit I am so much better rested than I remember being in years. I can get up and function in the morning; I don't fight sleep even on the drive (only 3 miles) to work, and I'm no longer sitting at my desk trying to stay awake. I'm more alert, and I'm doing my job better than I have in years. I never dreamed lack of sleep was affecting me so intensely. The only drawback I can see is that the machine is noisy--a kind of a white noise, that muffles everything and I think also contributes to the sleep, and sometimes the alarm goes off for 10 minutes before it filters into my awareness.

Now the I drag this humongous machine with me to Houston at Christmas? I really don't want to, because it is big and heavy, but I also want to be able to sleep well while I'm there. Decisions, decisions...