Saturday, October 27, 2007


I wanted to let some of you know of three blogs that mean a lot to me, and that I read almost daily. They are listed in my sidebar: Jack's Mama, One Step Sideways, and Out of the Binjo Ditch. The first belongs to DD, the second to DIL, and the last to DS.

DS has some strong political opinions. Occasionally he writes about the 3 little Texans he is raising: The Boy, the Princess, and the Apple. I love his sense of humor and the wry style he uses to tell his stories.

DIL is a strong and creative woman. She has created three little ones (with some help) who are the southern apples in my eyes. She writes about various things that strike her, not always often, but always with heart.

DD writes about her life raising that funny little boy named Jack, and how the twinnies have added joys and complications to her life. She loves to tell stories about the northwestern apples I enjoy.

Please drop by and visit any or all.

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Java said...

Gramma, just popping over to wish you all the best for the operation, it is great to hear you have a good dr now thats taken care of you. You'll be just fine. I'll be having my fingers crossed and you are in all my prayers. Let us know how you go and a speedy recovery my friend!
love Hannelie