Thursday, October 25, 2007

"It's Always Something"... Gilda Radner titled her book on her fight with breast cancer.

Indeed, on Columbus Day I didn't have much on my mind except being tired and glad that we had a 3-day weekend coming up. Last week I visited my new doctor for an initial appointment and the next thing I knew I was being scheduled for open heart surgery!


That'll teach me to switch doctors, I guess. She didn't like the symptoms I was describing to her--the same symptoms I had been describing for the past year to my former practitioner. Before I left her office that day, I had an appointment with the cardiologist for the next day. Before I finished with him he was scheduling an angiogram.

Five blockages in my heart. So the bypass surgery is coming up on Oct 30 at 8:30 am. The good news is that my heart muscle is strong and has no damage. More good news is that he can repair the five blockages with 3 bypasses, and he tells me that I fall in the 20% who won't need to be on a heart-lung machine.

With all that good news, seems like I wouldn't be so scared, but there you are. I am scared. And I need my children to be very careful because both of their parents have genetic predisposition to heart disease. I'm sorry, kids. But what was the alternative? If you had never been born, many people would never have had the joy of knowing you--especially me.

So on top of everythng else, I have a ginormous bladder infection, and my regular dr has put me on powerhouse antibiotics so we won't have to cancel the surgery. I'll be so glad to put all this behind me.

Any of you who are praying people, please keep me in mind.

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jae said...

Prayers coming for you from Ohio. God bless.