Monday, November 12, 2007

Coming Right Alongq

People keep being pleased with how well I'm coming along after the bypass surgery...I wish I believed that more. I'm darn tired of hurting. One, two years...for the scar to heal over. It gives me the creeps to look at it with those huge stitches that look like someone was sewing a saddle together. My blood pressure is excellent, and so is my pulse, and the oxygen I'm intaking...the surgery was a resounding success, according to the doctor. Apparently this depression is common with open heart surgery, and I understand that I will feel good again some day. I want to go dancing and buy pretty clothes. And find a wellto-do man to love me. And I want to eat ice cream with hot fudge. And enjoy my convalescence. Another doctor appt on Wednesday, this time with the surgeon, and maybe we will talk about how long the convalescence will last. My therapist is thinking I shouldn't go back until January, and I like that idea. It will make Christmas much nicer, to be able to go to Houston unencumbered with deadlines. I've been knitting a lot, without much success. Another thing that seems to be a by-product of the surgery. Today the dr said that the heart surgery for some reason really affects cognitive functioning. Which is probably why the knitting doesn't make any sense. I cam dp ot bu rpte. bit a, mpt gettomg amuwjere semsob;e wotj ot/// amd O cam
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Java said...

That's great news, a little bit of wee depression, what depression. You will be up and running around before you know it :-)))))
Glad you have the strength to blog again too.